Snack Pantry

Who is the program for?
Any Franklin elementary student, plus their younger siblings who are not yet enrolled in school. To join the program, fill out the Franklin Weekend Snack Pantry registration form (see below) and return it in your student's school folder or to the front office of Franklin Elementary.

What is Franklin Weekend Snack Pantry?
A supplemental food program to support the health of Franklin families in need. Hunger negatively impacts the ability to learn. Many circumstances in life can lead families to struggle in accessing enough food. This program is meant to supplement the food available to Franklin students, and their siblings, during weekends and long school breaks. We want to create better learning situations for Franklin students. Healthy, full students are able to focus, resulting in better learning.

When is Franklin Weekend Snack Pantry available?
During the school year. Food packs will be distributed once per week, before school dismissal on Friday afternoons or on the last day before an extended weekend.

What about confidentiality?
We understand confidentiality is a concern. All registration information will be kept in strict privacy. We will not track, store, or distribute personal information. Our goal is to distribute food to students in a quick, easy manner so that the distribution of food is kept confidential. Those enrolled in the program will discreetly receive a brown paper bag of snacks on Friday afternoons. The small bag will discreetly fit into school backpacks for transport home.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Snack Pantry, please see the attached information and volunteer application attached below.